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IDOGEAR Combat BDU camouflage men uniform G3
IDOGEAR Combat BDU camouflage men uniform G3
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IDOGEAR Combat BDU camouflage men uniform G3
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IDOGEAR Combat BDU camouflage men uniform G3

IDOGEAR Combat BDU camouflage men uniform G3

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**Product Specifications: iDogear Combat BDU Camouflage Men Uniform G3 Tactical Clothes**

**1. Material Composition:**
- Crafted from a blend of high-quality cotton and polyester fabric (Specify percentage blend, e.g., 65% cotton, 35% polyester).
- Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in rugged outdoor environments.

**2. Design and Style:**
- G3 tactical design for optimal functionality and mobility during combat and outdoor activities.
- Camouflage pattern offers effective concealment in various terrain and environments.
- Modern and sleek aesthetic suitable for both tactical operations and casual wear.

**3. Comfort and Breathability:**
- Breathable fabric construction allows for airflow and ventilation to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.
- Moisture-wicking properties help to wick sweat away from the body, keeping the wearer dry during intense activities.
- Designed to provide unrestricted movement and flexibility for enhanced performance.

**4. Durability and Strength:**
- Reinforced stitching at stress points ensures durability and longevity, even under demanding conditions.
- Resistant to tears, abrasions, and fading, maintaining its quality and appearance over time.
- Suitable for rigorous outdoor activities such as airsoft, paintball, hunting, camping, and hiking.

**5. Functionality and Utility:**
- Multiple pockets for convenient storage of tactical gear, tools, and accessories.
- Velcro panels for easy attachment of patches, insignia, or additional tactical equipment.
- Adjustable cuffs and waist for a customized fit and added comfort.

**6. Versatility and Adaptability:**
- Suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including military operations, law enforcement duties, and recreational pursuits.
- Compatible with modular pouch systems and tactical gear for personalized loadout configurations.

**7. Easy Maintenance:**
- Machine washable for effortless cleaning and maintenance.
- Quick-drying fabric for added convenience during travel or field operations.

**8. Size Range:**
- Available in a range of sizes to accommodate various body types and preferences.
- Refer to size chart for accurate fitting guidance.

**9. Color Options:**
- Available in classic black color for a versatile and understated look.

**10. Package Contents:**
- iDogear Combat BDU Camouflage Men Uniform G3 Tactical Clothes (Specify if any additional items are included).

**11. Warranty:**
- Backed by a manufacturer's warranty for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

**Note:** Specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model or version of the product. Please refer to the product description for precise details.


Brand Name: IDOGEAR

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Guangdong

Material: Cotton Polyester

Gender: MEN

Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size

Features 1: waterproof

Features 2: ghillie suit

Features 3: Special force

Features 4: 50% cotton

Features 5: 50% polyster